Nic at the Camden Image Gallery

Nic Wickens started his real studies of the disciplines of painting in Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall. After graduating and a brief flirtation with illustration he moved to London working in the advertising industry for 15 years, during his advertising career Nic produced many high end visuals for numerous brand campaigns winning awards alongside the agencies, photographers and cgi artists he has collaborated with.
Nic’s work is focused on the human figure to express open narratives that explore contemporary themes, favouring oils as a medium to depict realms that fall somewhere within realism and abstraction that strive to attain a dialogue of a certain state of consciousness in each painting.
“I often like to include deliberate nuances of in camera occurrences of beauty that I consider beneficial to the story I am telling or the mood I am trying to encapsulate, then combine this with the textural and gestural mark making qualities that paint has to offer.”
Nic Wickens